Back-End Digital Design Internship


Design your first work experience with us!

Who can apply:

  • Students in the third or fourth year of their Sc. degree and M. Sc. degree students in Electronics, Informatics, Computer Science, Automatic, Telecommunications or Electrical engineering.


  • Physical implementation (place and route) of a digital design


  • The candidate will perform tasks in order to execute placement and routing of an exemplary digital design.

Main activities:

  • flow setup for the tool
  • creating a floorplan,
  • defining power structure
  • running placement and routing
  • creating clock tree and executing timing analysis
  • running sign-off checks for the final implementation.
  • the project will include couple of variations (different floorplan, different pin positions, different implementation requests, etc.) in order for candidate to comprehend the impact of initial decisions to the final result and to understand that back-end process is iterative work.


  • General understanding of Digital Design and physical implementation of digital design
  • At least B level of English language (spoken and written)

Why to choose to work for HDL Design House:

  • Paid internship
  • No lock-in contract obligation
  • Working in young and enthusiastic team
  • Opportunity to work on projects for some of the best Semiconductor companies in the world


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