C# and/or JS Developer


Completely remote, full time


We are a bada*s software development outsourcing company with customers on three continents. We also happen to be the team that created a number of tools that stir up millions of developers worldwide in all the right ways. Not surprisingly, we have accumulated substantial amounts of some really bada*s field experience. We’ve been around the block so many times that we have seen it all, and we brought quite some of the hard-to-believe stuff back home with us.

We use a plethora of technologies, platforms, and programming languages and the chances are we are going to use even more in the future. At the present moment, we mainly do stuff in .NET and JavaScript/TypeScript with minor involvement in Java and C++. There are no real technology limits in our job, however.


You are a bada*s developer. You are really good with C# or JavaScript/TypeScript or both. Java or C++ experience is definitely something we would consider, too.

Being the bada*s developer you are you should be well capable of picking up a new language should need be.


  • Full-time remote position.
  • Occasionally memes here and there.
  • Working on open-source tools.
  • Free beer.
  • Freedom of speech (yes, we’re not fans of hierarchies, this means you can call out bullsh*t straight to the boss any time).
  • No HR (no proxies in calling out bullsh*t to the boss really).
  • Exposure to multiple technologies.
  • No corporate maxims. Bada*s developers don’t believe in these.
  • One-stage interview.


You won’t see us glorifying and blindly enforcing XP, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, Software Craftsmanship by the book to cover for weak technical leadership. We are sick of this and probably you are, too. We’re also sick of bada*s developers being treated as a human resource by technically inept management. We’re a meritocracy – the most bada*s developer in a project gets the decision-making power and that is all there is to it. We value good, old hard skills over soft skills.


You might just throw in your CV and if we both ‘swiped right’ we’ll meet you at the interview.