C# Game Developer


C# Game Developer

Are you experienced in developing video games in Unity using C#?

Want to develop AAA games using C++?

Join Ubisoft Belgrade and we’ll help you transition!

During your first month our programmers will train your C++ skills through lectures and workshops. The next two months you will work on real tasks on one of our projects with our technical assistance. After a three month training program you will continue working on the project as a full member of our team.


  • Professional experience in making games in C# and Unity
  • Advanced English language skills
  • Desire to learn C++
  • Passion for video games

Selection process:

  • [30-80 minutes] – online test
  • [60 minutes] – HR interview
  • [7 days] – Unity project
  • [60 minutes] – Technical interview

VRH  IT POSLODAVAC 2021 - 3. mesto


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