DevOps Support Engineer


As a DevOps support engineer, you should have at least 2 years of working in this position and have a good working experience with AWS cloud infrastructure as well as CI/CD. You should have some scripting and coding background as you will be working closely together with product development teams to primarily support them in their day to day needs for product building, deployment, and maintaining product infrastructure.

In addition to supporting the day to day needs of the product development teams, you will also work together with your DevOps team colleagues to improve, optimize, and deliver the overall organizational IT strategy.

As a fast-growing venture builder company, we offer the experience to work on a variety of different products, technologies, and challenges that must be met and managed. This means having an appetite for continuous learning and improving your skills and knowledge. It is important that you have an analytical mindset and can perform well under pressure as will be the case from time to time.

Reports to: VP of DevOps in Engineering


Analytical mindset
Problem solver
Team player
Good communicator
Working with cross-functional teams and understand their workflow


  • Manage company product hosting infrastructure
  • Support product teams to set up and maintain product infrastructure
  • Involved in all parts of the software development lifecycle
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Troubleshoot issues across the whole stack
  • Infrastructure monitoring, disaster prevention, and recovery, dealing with outages
  • Regular fire drills and preventative maintenance
  • Participate in an on-call rotation
  • Maintaining documentation, handbooks, monthly reports.

Required Knowledge:

  • Infrastructure as code (Terraform, CloudFormation, ARM templates or similar)
  • Advanced Linux administration (Networking, Security, ACLs, Nginx, Systemd, Backup strategies, Resource monitoring)
  • Experience with AWS or Azure
  • Docker orchestration with production experience
  • Basic Windows administration
  • Automation of tasks
  • Experience with version control systems such as Git
  • Security Hardening

Bonus Knowledge:

  • Experience with setup for scalability and durability
  • Linux low-level system administration
  • Scripting (bash, python, ruby)
  • Coding (.NET, GO, PHP)
  • Ansible
  • ETL pipelines
  • Advanced Windows administration

Technologies and Applications

Some of the technologies, applications, and services that our DevOps team works with include: Linux, Windows, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Hasura, NGINX, CloudFlare, AWS, JIRA, Composer, Gitlab, Prometheus, Grafana, Jenkins, Consul, Docker, Ansible, ELK, Graylog, Slack, Auth0, Sentry, Terraform


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