About Solidum Vitae d.o.o.

Founded in 2016, in Belgrade. Solidum Vitae ICT Resourcing is an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Service and Solution provider. We operate as a reliable outsourcing and relocation partner with best-in-class ICT professionals and consultants across all Industries.

Solidum Vitae focuses on providing solutions to the increasing skills shortage in Europe. According to Eurostat 53% of enterprises experienced difficulties when recruiting for ICT. Europe faces a shortage of skilled ICT professionals in Software Development, System Administration, Security, Technical Support, Quality Assurance among other domains.

We operate a Belgrade based outsourcing service center from Serbia and relocate high qualified ICT Professionals to Europe for hybrid (remote/local) work and for local long-term employment when required by our customers.

Projects are executed through our Top-Rated Plus Upwork Agency for short term assignments and at the Belgrade service center for long term assignments. Employment in the EU is executed through relocation to Belgium, The Netherlands and other EU Member States.

Our services are offered across 4 competence centers:

  • Crypto and Blockchain Engineering
  • Web Design, App Development & Software Engineering
  • Data Analytics and AI
  • Cyber Security, Networks & Cloud

Over 95% of our company’s income comes from services offered to customers in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Switzerland, Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

Our customers range from Global corporations to small businesses benefitting all from the high standards we set in the work performed by our team members.

Job Description:

Keywords for this position are: Bitcoin, Alt-coin, ICO, KYC, Distributed Ledger, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, PoA, PoC, PoW, PoS, Cryptography, DAO, DApp, DEFI, Digital Identity, Fork, (Non) Fungible, Oracle, Solidity, Stablecoin, Token, Wallet.

We’re looking for experienced Crypto & Blockchain Specialists, passionate about realizing the promises of Web 3 by creating and supporting innovating solutions with Crypto and Blockchain concepts and technologies.

Your responsibilities may include, but are not limited to: Custom Crypto and Blockchain development, Blockchain security, Smart Contract development, designing, implementing, and supporting distributed blockchain-based networks; analyzing requirements, designing blockchain technology for the business model, and the building and launching of blockchain networks; security audits and compliance assurance.

Crypto & Blockchain Specialists get the possibility to be part of a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in a world changing revolution that will lead humanity into a new age of wealth and utility.

We are developing our Crypto & Blockchain Competence Center by adding highly skilled Crypto and Blockchain Specialists, employed or freelance, working either remote or from the Belgrade outsourcing center or relocated to Europe or working in a hybrid mode (remote and on site).

Our European offices are based in Antwerp, Belgium. We work closely with a network of ICT partners who execute projects in large, international and global organizations. We have secured active support from ICT federations, EU-Serbian business associations, innovation centers, public employment service agencies and government.

For candidates wishing to work long term in Europe we provide employment in the EU (Belgium, The Netherlands) and assist in the relocation once a long-term agreement has been reached with a customer.

Do not hesitate to apply, whether you are a product owner, developer, business consultant or quality assurance or security specialist.

Job Responsibilities

The exact roles and responsibilities of a Crypto and Blockchain Specialist depends on the project’s scope, but they may include the following:

  • Researching, analyzing and designing blockchain networks, consensus protocols and decentralized applications;
  • Planning security and compliance across the entire blockchain network and applying cryptographic mechanisms such as hash functions and digital signatures;
  • Researching and evaluating new tools and technologies and integrating them into a blockchain network or its applications;
  • Developing, testing, monitoring and maintaining a blockchain network, with a focus on performance, distributed computing, consensus protocols, cryptography and other security measures;
  • Developing, testing, monitoring and maintaining decentralized applications, smart contracts, back-end systems, client-side applications and any other components that make up the application stack;
  • Documenting development processes, artifacts and best practices as well as blockchain applications or systems;
  • Employing a wide range of soft skills, including communication, collaboration, problem-solving, multitasking and working in a team environment.
  • Crypto and Blockchain Specialists might also be called upon to fulfill other tasks like participating in open-source community projects, meeting with stakeholders, mentoring younger developers and learning new skills.

Skills you have

  • Fully understand how blockchain works and the architecture on which it's based.
  • Be well versed in concepts such as cryptography, consensus, hash functions, distributed ledgers, smart contracts and any other concepts integral to understanding blockchain's inner workings.
  • Be familiar with the four types of blockchain architecture: consortium, private, public and hybrid.
  • Have a strong foundation in cryptographic concepts and practices, including wallets, keys and digital signatures.
  • Be familiar with the various types of data structures, such as graphs, heaps, hash trees, Patricia trees and Merkle trees.
  • Thorough understanding of what Smart Contracts are and how they enforce business logic.
  • Be familiar with programming languages commonly used for smart contracts, such as Vyper, Solidity or Chaincode.
  • Be experienced in all aspects of web development.
  • Be proficient in one or more programming languages: Java, C++, Python and JavaScript.
  • Understand DevOps practices, source control in a team setting, code reviews, efficient and secure code writing, stay current with emerging technologies.
  • Have experience with one or more of the layer 1 networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, Terra, Avalanche, Polygon, Algorand, TRON and / or Layer 2.
  • Have experience with Layer 3 applications and solutions such as decentralized finance (DeFi) apps, games, or distributed storage apps.

Position Requirements

  • University or Master’s degree or similar experience.
  • 3+ years of relevant experience.
  • Advanced proficiency in programming languages, such as C++, Java, and Python.
  • Extensive experience in back-end development, algorithms, and data structures.
  • Knowledge of cryptography and blockchain protocols.
  • In-depth knowledge of best practices in blockchain management and data protection.
  • Advanced analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Superb organizational skills and keen attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration abilities.
  • Proficient in English in both written and verbal communications, other European languages are welcome.
  • Good understanding of ICT engineering Lifecycle management including test and support phases.
  • Profound education or experience in the technologies listed.
  • Excellent attention to detail / motivated by delivery.
  • Ability to work and team effectively with clients and team members.
  • Flexibility to adjust to multiple demands, shifting priorities, ambiguity and rapid change.
  • Ability to escalate accurately and efficiently.
  • Good interpersonal, communication and organizational skills.
  • When aspiring to work and relocate within EU: Qualify as Highly skilled professional in technology domains with bottleneck appeal.

We offer

  • Work in dynamic, friendly and pleasant working environment
  • Professional improvement through working with global customers
  • Participate in long- and short-term projects where your opinion will be valued
  • Continuous interaction with latest technologies
  • Encouragement of innovation…
  • Competitive salary or contractor rate.

For professionals who relocate: compensation according to the European directive as implemented by the Member States or higher depending assignment. Assistance with relocation.

Please apply through the application form. See link below.

Note 1: Senior QA software engineers, tech leads, and project managers have access to even more opportunities at Solidum Vitae.

Note 2: This job add specifies requirements for Medior seniority. Don't hesitate to apply when Junior, Senior or Expert (or even Teacher); highlight this in your application.

Note 3: Don’t hesitate to apply if your hart pumps either to Crypto Design or Blockchain Engineering. We need you both.

Please provide your CV in English in Europass format: https://europa.eu/europass/en/create-europass-cv


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