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Junior Product Manager

Do you know what the monthly traffic of polovniautomobili.com is? 20 million. That makes us the most visited domestic website for buying and selling cars, other vehicles and spare parts.

An exciting role awaits you in our team – to juggle three balls – the needs of users, clients and business, and figuring out how not to drop a single ball. You will explore what the real needs of our users are, you will design new features and a cool UX (user experience) and monitor their effects. For all this to happen, you will take roles in projects – say good morning to regular coffees, brainstorming meetings and working closely with developers, designers, sales, customer support, marketing…


  • Likes to analyze and explore new things.
  • Efficiently organizes time and work, respects deadlines.
  • Communicates openly, clearly and concisely.
  • Is result-oriented, but with a strong social motivation.
  • Is enterprising and adventurous.
  • Has can-do attitude.


  • You are customer focused – you understand customer needs and you are able to filter out noise from largely scaled feedbacks
  • You can see the consequences of a decision from several perspectives and you understand other parts of the business
  • You manage to find a common language with colleagues to discuss and overcome problems, instead of putting them under the rug
  • You speak and write in English (Intermediate level). The communication language of the team is English, so this is really important. Also, most of the interview will be in English and CV in English is required
  • Technological or product design background, or any experience in online businesses is an advantage


This is a demanding and proactive position, there is no "I'm sitting here waiting for someone to tell me what I'm going to do", but it's also a lot of fun.

This position requires a wide range of knowledge and skills:

  • communication (conducting meetings, reporting, talking to website visitors and clients)
  • research (if something on the site "stutters" you're there to figure out what went wrong)
  • analytical (to interpret numbers, draw conclusions)
  • business (you will need to learn about the market and understand business decisions)

We’ve probably forgotten something here, but don't be afraid – it's just an ordinary day for a person in this position. 🙂

You would first have to learn how our system works, investigate bugs on the website, then translate user and business requirements into tasks, and within the time you would get to design the features yourself.

Everything that appears on the website should have its own metrics. We expect you to know how to measure whether something is successful or not, how useful it is (and not just the number of visits from Google Analytics). Our goal is to meet the needs of users, and your task would be constant communication and research into what bothers them, what we can do better and how to do it best. Don’t worry if this is your first time doing something like this, a professional, enthusiastic and lovely team is going to help you through your way.

In addition, we are part of the Infostud group, a domestic company that has various sites and mobile applications in employment, automotive, insurance and real estate fields, almost all of which are leaders in their fields of business. We are made successful by a team of over 250 great and hardworking people, who have healthy and constructive attitudes towards life, work and other people.

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