Junior Software Engineer (Javascript) – Ticketmaster Marketplace Team


Ticketmaster gives millions of fans – worldwide – fair and easy access to the biggest and best in live entertainment.

Driven by innovation, unparalleled scalability, and unmatched support, Ticketmaster is the definitive leader in professional ticketing solutions. Over 12,000 artists, teams, and venues around the world are giving trust to power their amazing performances daily — with more than 500 million tickets sold each year.

Bakson Ltd company collaborates with Ticketmaster for 16 years already. Bakson Ltd delivers the software used by millions of users across the globe. Bakson Marketplace team owns and maintains various set of components. Currently we are looking for two engineers to help us drive the Verified Fan and Amplify projects. Amplify is an in-house built Content Management System (CMS) that allows us create shops that brings together your brand and Ticketmaster technology.

Amplify gives you the controls so shop owners/admins can decide how it looks, with peace of mind that everything runs on our technology. This means your sites are flexible, reliable, and always up to date.


As a software engineer, you will be developing and maintaining the codebase for Demand Widget and Amplify projects.

  • Focus on self-improvement.
  • Design, build, optimize, and improve existing features as well as project work,
  • Build new features to extend our product portfolio.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Build reusable code and libraries for future use.
  • Assure that all user input is validated before submitting to back-end services
  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders (Product Owners, Engineering Manager, end-users, Market representatives…)


  • Proficient experience in Typescript and Javascript
  • Proficient experience with React and experience with Redux.
  • HTML and CSS (SASS and styled components)
  • Consuming APIs
  • ES6 – functional concepts and async programming
  • Git


  • Back-end experience with NodeJS back-end services and MongoDB
  • Experience with NextJS react Framework
  • Experience with GraphQL
  • Experience with JS testing frameworks (Jest, Cypress)
  • Willingness to learn
  • Proactive
  • Passionate about technology and transformation
  • Self-motivated activator, energetic and tenacious
  • Comfortable with working in cross functional and multidisciplinary teams
  • Excited about taking on challenging technical problems and devising creative solutions
  • Communication skills and the ability to collaborate closely with remote team members


  • Focus on learning as you go and development and maintenance of apps serving multi-million base of users.
  • A flat team structure and a highly collaborative culture that values progress over perfection and encourages creativity, innovation and diversity
  • Working with mentors.
  • A highly motivated global team of colleagues
  • A flexible working style – a fully remote position with the possibility to work from the office.


Bakson Ltd is a software development company based in Belgrade. We are working with teams around the world and take pride on variety of projects we handle and technology we use.


Our workflow is inspired by Agile and Lean principles. We’re not devoted to Scrum or any other framework, but are trying to work in small batches, with fast feedback and very close interaction with product owners.

The emphasis in our team is on collaboration and mutual support – sharing project workflow with globally distributed teams, contributing code to core global services and applications, and encouraging cultural exchange between development groups. Ticketmaster encourages working from home, and the distributed nature of our teams requires us to have flexibility around working hours. We’re familiar with asynchronous and remote work. A Software Engineer in our company is a core writer of code, but also an inspirer and an exemplar to other developers…

Basically, what we care about is that you are a self-starter, happy to work with others, and prepared to adapt and do your best.


We aim for our hiring process to be as collaborative and realistic as possible, so it’ll be focused on writing and reviewing code – both written by you and by others. We want you to feel like you’d be comfortable working with us, and we also want to feel the same way, so you’ll meet quite a few of the team, and interact with them in as close to a life-like way as possible. This is a two-way street – we’re keen for you to like us as much as the other way around.

If you’d like get started, you can apply by sending a CV.


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