Perl Engineer


About this role:

We are looking for a Perl Engineer responsible for developing high-performance web applications and managing data interchange between servers and users. This is a great opportunity to work with a multi-cultural client and team. There are annual visits, travel, and professional training opportunities.

You will have the chance to learn about networking and networks because the code we write is responsible for managing hardware in large data centers (one of the world's largest). Also, within this project, there is a possibility to learn how internet protocols work at the lowest level.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Is motivated by challenging problems that need solving;
  • Is willing to work on self-improvement;
  • Is able to work with clients directly independently;
  • Is able to work alone, as well as with other team members;
  • Is willing to take the lead on projects as needed;
  • Can accept (and give) constructive feedback.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Performing technical analysis of tasks of greater complexity and defining parts of functional requirements in Perl technology;
  • Providing support to the technical manager in the analysis of the technological environment and interface in Perl technology;
  • Modeling data, functions, and/or objects in Perl technology;
  • Helping to estimate the time needed to develop a certain functionality in Perl technology;
  • Establishing and maintaining an application development and testing environment in Perl technology;
  • Implementing tasks of medium complexity, as well as test cases to verify the applied software module in Perl technology;
  • Compilation and updating of necessary documentation;
  • Installation and integration of the application in Perl technology;
  • Compile and analyze data, processes, and code to troubleshoot problems and identify areas for improvement;
  • Developing ideas for new features and improvements of the product itself;
  • Identifying and resolving development issues to ensure quality.

Do you have these experiences/skills:

  • 2+ years of relevant professional experience in the same or similar position;
  • In-depth understanding of the design, development, and deployment processes;
  • Hands-on experience in Perl, object-oriented programming, CGI protocol, and RESTful web services;
  • A big plus is an experience with Python;
  • Hands-on experience in Web 2.0 application development;
  • Understanding design patterns and their implementation;
  • Experience with Unix/Linux environments;
  • Familiarity with shell scripting is a great plus;
  • Analytical and time management skills;
  • Teamwork skills with a problem-solving attitude;
  • Knowledge of Clean Code principles;
  • Extensive knowledge of Gitflow Workflow;
  • Upper-Intermediate English;
  • Ability to work independently or with a group.


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