Programme Officer (Western Balkans)

EED – European Endowment for Democracy

Brussels, Belgium

The European Endowment for Democracy is looking for a committed and experienced

Programme Officer (Western Balkans)

To join a Secretariat in Mar 2018

Deadline for applications: 18 Jan 2018

1-year agreement renewable depending on opening and funds

Thorough believe of a languages of Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro required

The European Endowment for Democracy (EED) is an independent, grant-making organisation, determined in 2013 by a European Union (EU) and EU member states to encourage democracy in a countries of a European Neighbourhood and beyond.

Since a inception, EED has supposing over 500 grants and developed into a vibrant, innovative and reputable member of a democracy support community. EED supports a immeasurable array of pro-democracy actors including tellurian rights and domestic activists, pro-democratic movements, polite multitude organisations, eccentric reporters and media.

This is a good event to join EED in a severe and sundry role. As Programme Officer, we will be obliged for coordinating and monitoring EED’s programmes in designated countries in a Western Balkans segment (see full pursuit outline for details). You will consider applications and yield superintendence to applicants, guard a swell of initiatives supported, rivet in overdo activities, guard domestic developments in a reserved countries, and rise family with a donor community.

Applicants should have a consummate believe of a languages of Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro, and of domestic issues in a Western Balkans region, as good as during slightest 5 years of proven full-time veteran knowledge in democracy-related projects and programmes in government, general organisations or polite society.

Reporting directly to a Director of Programmes, a position consists of:

Main functions of a post:
a) Coordinating, administering and monitoring EED’s programmes in a Western Balkans; including associated to support to eccentric media.

b) Assessing applications and scheming recommendations for EED funding; providing programmatic superintendence to EED margin and grantees, including assistance with plan development;

c) Engaging in overdo activities in sequence to brand applicable actors and activities for EED support within a Western Balkans and other designated countries;

d) Developing and progressing family with a donor village and like-minded organisations via a region.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Programme Officer reports directly to Director of Programmes and shall be obliged for (in further to a above-mentioned):

a) Monitoring domestic developments in a reserved countries to surprise EED strategies and programming, following developments and assessing a intensity impact on a domestic and polite multitude environment;

b) Liaising with applicable activists in media, tellurian rights, order of law, dispute resolution, county preparation to keep sideways of a latest developments in a margin and to beam EED interventions;

c) Developing programme associated papers for reserved countries;

d) Representing EED during open events;

e) Assessing incoming applications and , conducting consummate credentials checks, identifying a EED combined value, communicating with margin during a examination process, providing coaching when needed, and scheming recommendations for appropriation capitulation by a EED Executive Committee;

f) Monitoring a swell of initiatives upheld by EED, with a support of internal Country Consultants when relevant, assessing account reports and providing support to grantees when relevant;

g) Travelling to a segment to guard existent grantees and identifying new appropriation opportunities;

h) Guiding and overseeing a work of internal Country Consultants as good as other consultants;

i) Initiating and facilitating programme-related events;

j) Liaising with a Communications group in line with a EED communication strategy;

k) Liaising with a Monitoring and Evaluation Manager in line with a EED monitoring and analysis plan;

l) Performing other tasks for a Director of Programmes.

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