QA Manual Tester


The QA team is the last line of defense in the Playstudios development process. It is responsible for testing the application, documenting bugs found in the process, and verifying fixes once they are submitted. We are also in charge of all configuration of the Production level of our application, rolling out all-new content, and monitoring the release process.

As part of the team, you will test in an agile environment, with tight deadlines, and a complex system, always bearing in mind our mission to deliver a top-quality, fun game, while supporting a multiverse of devices, app versions, and operating systems.

As for the team, we love to find new ways to challenge our developers to excel. We constantly come up with fresh new angles of flows of our users behavior or in a mobile environment that weren’t taken into account during design. We are a fast-moving team, involved in all steps of the process with a passion for excellence and an eye for detail.


  • Create an extensive test plan document, covering all the product use cases
  • Define pass/release criteria for the product under test
  • Collaborate with other departments to deliver high-quality features and content
  • Ensure stability and performance of Production
  • Configure Production environment as part of the release process
  • Work with data sets
  • Monitor Production while making changes


  • 1 + years of software testing experience or Bachelor Degree in Computer Science/Information Systems
  • A keen analytical mind with strong problem-solving skills
  • A team player that enjoys working in a dedicated and energetic group


  • Passion for games of any kind!
  • Experience in automated testing
  • Experience with Android or iOS development (Java, ObjC, Swift)
  • Basic programming skills (C++, python)
  • Basic in SQL querying


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