Launch Control is a cutting edge SaaS texting platform for real estate investors. In just a few years we’ve evolved into the industry leader with a focus on subscriber success and text marketing innovations.

Now, we’re leveling-up and assembling the best talent the marketing industry has to offer to help take our users to the next level. As a remote work company, we're open to the best talent from around the world, and our team excels thanks to our dedicated staff and the company’s open approach to communication.

Typical work day

  1. UX/UI, functional, non-functional, regression, smoke testing
  2. Bug and improvement reporting
  3. Creating and executing test cases, scenarios
  4. Omni-documenting work and progress (+documenting app functions)
  5. Automating QA and overall development process


  1. At least 4 years of proven QA system destruction
  2. Sharpshooting eye and hunger for finding mistakes in other people's work
  3. Making sure nothing goes by, altruistic approach and a sharpshooting eye (ability to detect duplicate values, like sharpshooting eye or a sharpshooting eye)
  4. Intellectual curiosity to find system and sub-function flaws, ranging from spe1ling mistakes to undercover ops scenarios 6.which a client might take on
  5. Experience with automation testing and relational databases (SQL Server)


  1. Become a Launcher, a team member, a part of the thunder-growing company that will change how the world communicates, and people (re)engage
  2. Full benefits paid, infinite opportunities, remuneration package tops any market standards/averages
  3. Paid holidays (local) and 20 paid vacation days
  4. Paid private insurance covered after 3 months warm-up period
  5. End of year bonuses based on performance
  6. Work remotely whenever you want


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