Scholarship Program 2022


Having a scholarship during your studies could be one of the best things you could get. It's not just about the prize you get, but the contacts that will follow! Levi nine's scholars receive a monthly scholarship, mentorship, and networking with IT experts on the way. In addition, once their studies are over, a job position is guaranteed. We have run this program since 2013. and so far 52 students took part in it. Many of them are still developing their careers in the company that supported their first steps. Would you like to be one of them?

About the Scholarship

What do we offer you?

  • We will provide you the scholarship during one university year, in a continuous 10-month period, starting from December until the end of September (during the 2022/2023 school year)
  • Once you get the scholarship, you will get a chance to finish the student internship that is requested at the University in Levi9, without going through our standard selection process
  • You would have access to all of the student related events, programs and workshops we organize during the year (such as Code9, Zrenjanin .Net winter workshops, “5 days on the cloud” & all the new ones)
  • We would invite you to all the eMeets & other formats of our educational and fun events that could be interesting to you as a student
  • You would have mentoring support available if there is ever a need to help you realize a project requested of you at the University
  • You are not obligated to work in Levi9 while receiving a scholarship

What do we expect from you?

  • As a student, we expect you to sign a scholarship contract with us, with the obligation to work for the company after finishing your studies
  • The duration of work obligation is the same as the duration of scholarship that you have been granted
  • It is expected that you finish your studies efficiently and within the regular deadline

Fields of study & Criteria

Scholarship in Novi Sad & Zrenjanin

We invite you to apply if you are a student of:

  • Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering & Department of Software Engineering and Information Technology, or
  • Faculty of Sciences, Novi Sad, Study Programs BSc and MSc in Informatics, or
  • Technical Faculty Mihajlo Pupin, Zrenjanin, Department of Information Technology

Scholarship in Belgrade:

  • We invite you to apply if you are a student of IT orientation from University of Belgrade

Other mandatory conditions:

  • You need to be enrolling in the 4th or 5th year of listed Faculties in the school year of 2022/2023
  • You must have met all the required conditions (mandatory exams) to enroll in the next study year

Application process

Firstly, you need to send us your:

  • CV
  • Screenshot of your grades & current ESPB points status
  • It would be great to see a Recommendation letter from one of your Professors, as well as your Cover letter

Selection process

Our scholarship selection process includes several steps:

  • Evaluating applicants by grades and faculty professor’s recommendations (which will be considered as a plus)
  • Interview at Levi9 Technology Services
  • Making a short-list based on all the information gathered
  • A selection committee takes the decision on the scholarship winners

We are looking forward to meeting you and supporting the final years of your studies!

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