Scrum Master


This is not a job ad – this is a testimonial

We will not preach and brag about who we are. We will not be promising hot & cold beverages, fruits and masseuses or flexible everything… NO! What we can promise is hard work. And when it’s hard, you can be sure it will get even harder. When it gets harder, most probably it will be the hardest work in your life. On the other hand, it will probably be the most enriching experience of your professional life.

  • Will you be recognized? Yes, if you bring business value.
  • Will you be rewarded? Yes, as you are making revolution.
  • Is it hard to get in? Mostly, no.
  • Is it hard to stay on board? Please read the intro.
  • Can I make decisions? Please, read the first bullet.
  • Do I need to have guts? Are you kidding?!

So, if you are NOT looking for just a job, and you have read everything until this point, please continue.

Your Responsibilities

  • Lead one or more scrum teams in using Agile methodology and scrum practices
  • Owns and makes sure that the Agile framework (Kanban/Scrum) is followed by the scrum team
  • Responsible for continuous improvements (Processes and Team)
  • Moderate and/or facilitate scrum meetings: daily scrum, sprint retrospective, sprint review, sprint planning
  • Assists and coach teams related to impediments removal
  • Protect the team from unnecessary interruptions
  • Coordinate work between teams when dependencies are involved
  • Accountable of team reporting
  • Promote scrum values within the team (commitment, focus, openness, respect, courage, transparency)
  • Positive/constructive conflict resolution within the team and between the team and members of other teams or stakeholders
  • Cares about motivation (team and individual level)
  • Facilitating and guiding team decision making processes
  • Ensure goals and timelines are clearly and promptly presented and visible to the team
  • Ensure proper communication channels are used in teams interactions with external teams/customers/etc.

Essential Experience & Capabilities

  • 2+ years project experience as an Agile Coach/Scrum Master
  • 2+ years project experience in IT industry
  • Agile Tooling experience
  • Good leadership and communication skills, including fluent in English
  • Stakeholder Management

Beneficial Not Essential

  • Relevant Agile Qualification e.g., SCM, PSM, SAFe


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