Project Overview:

Our Client is an award-winning tech startup that brings data processing to the next level with artificially intelligent software. We are looking for someone who wants to learn new things, develops himself/herself, deals with responsibility, and solves problems on his/her own as a member of a great team. You will be involved in the consulting for our clients right from the start which will allow you to get insights into various business areas. You will work in close collaboration with product development and business colleagues in an Agile environment.

The project goal is to develop a SaaS solution for the 3D Point Cloud Labelling tool which will work with comprehensive ML models built and trained on a variety of point cloud data.

Technology stack:

  • ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, Entity Framework, WebApi, SPA JavaScript frameworks (React, Three.Js), Microsoft Azure, ADOS, CosmosDB.


  • Practical knowledge of ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, JavaScript framework;
  • Knowledge of Azure, including Azure functions, API Management, storages: blob, ServiceBus queues, CosmosDb, AD B2C, AppInsights;
  • Knowledge of OOP/OOA, software architecture design (IOC pattern);
  • Knowledge of relational DB, practical knowledge of MS SQL/CosmosDB;
  • Good understanding of Agile concepts and XP practices, ability to work in the SCRUM team;
  • Understanding the process of commercial software development, program life-cycle stages, reporting;
  • Profound knowledge of English: ability to effectively communicate with foreign team members.

Preferred skills:

  • Working with complex tasks and algorithms;
  • Python scripting skills would be an advantage;
  • JavaScript-based rendering skills would be an advantage;
  • Previous experience of work on projects from scratch;
  • Knowledge of microservices architecture and software modeling;
  • Personal traits: analytical thinking, responsibility, sociability, ability to work in a team, attention to details.


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