Tech Support Engineer


Are you a Tech Support Engineer, that wants to help us create a good client experience for more than 3100 enterprise companies in 78 countries?

In this role, you will be a part of the team that has experience of industry veterans and enthusiasm of college graduates.

These are the first questions I usually get from experienced engineers:

"Why should a Support/System engineer like me, join HYCU?"

HYCU has a quite big (90+) and diverse team of engineers. You will be able to work side by side and learn from "celebrities" of BaaS industry.

The company is growing rapidly, so there is also a huge opportunity for career advancement.

"Describe me the relationship I will have with my peers and superiors."

Great question! Your TM will introduce you to new challenges and help you overcome them. The relationship is founded on respect and mentorship, but always leads to an interesting debate over a coffer or a beer. You will be encouraged to share you opinion and ask questions.

You will work with international and diverse team, so there is a good chance, you fill find your tribe.

"…any benefits?"

We are present in USA, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia.

Each country has their own benefits. Some of them are stock options, gym membership, educational benefits like books and courses and many more.

"What skills are important for this role?"

Beside strong English communication skills, you should be familiar with Storage systems, Cloud and virtualization technology(VMware, Nutanix).

Experience with Zendesk and Jira will make your life easier. If you know how to lead the client through the troubleshooting process you will be a "rock star".

"What is your tech stack?"

  • Technologies: GCP, AWS, Azure
  • Virtualization platforms: Nutanix, VMware
  • Backend: Java SE(Springboot, Hibernate)
  • Frontend: Angular
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Operating system: Linux

"What about salary? How much will I get paid?"

We have senior engineers that are being happy and promoted for more than 10 years, some of them are part of the team for up to 30 years.

HYCU will recognize and value your skills.

You will be paid for the value you bring to the table, but let me remind you – High salary, high responsibility.

About the company in general

HYCU is the fastest-growing leader in the multi-cloud backup and recovery as a service industry. By bringing true SaaS-based data backup to both on-premises and cloud-native environments, the company provides unparalleled data protection, migration and disaster recovery to more than 3,100 companies worldwide. HYCU’s award-winning, purpose-built solutions eliminate the complexity, risk and high cost of legacy-based backup solutions, providing data protection simplicity in a hyper-connected, multi-cloud world. Customers experience frictionless, cost-effective data backup and recovery, no matter where their data resides.


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