trazim rodjaka u Kanadi


I am writting this letter to help me find my cousin who lives in Canada with whom I lost contact for last 20 years. I need to find him because it is necessary for the resolution of court proceedings in Serbia (proprietary process). Next hearing is scheduled for 1st of July so I need to find some contact to that person. I would like to know if he is still alive and if you can give me his address and phone number to contact him.
Basic information about the person I am looking for:
Name: Miodrag (Obrad) Jovanovic
Michael Jovanovich
Date of birth: 31.03.1928.
Place of birth: Nish, Serbia
Last known address in Canada:
4766 – 3rd Ave
L2E – 4L6
Niagara Falls – Ontario – Canada

Thank you.

Miljana Miljkovic [email protected]

Miljana Miljkovic
Nis, Srbija
[email protected]