Chili Piper is a B2B SaaS startup. We fuel today’s high-growth revenue teams. And our advanced routing and booking software make it possible for sales and marketing teams to book meetings instantly and generate more revenue while spending less.

We’re a certified unicorn breeder™ with amazing customers like RingCentral, Airbnb, Square, Intuit, Spotify, Twilio, and many other cool logos.

We’re growing fast. And we don’t mean that in the cliché way. We are sitting on fresh rounds of funding, and are ready to take over the world (in the most civil and appropriate way possible, of course).

Job Description

As Chili Piper VP of Engineering you will have the opportunity to work with an amazing team of humans across all departments and grow the existing 20+ team of back-end and front end engineers to the next level into the most coveted place to work for if you code

Ideally you’d prepare the processes and architecture for Chili Piper to get ready to prepare for public offering in 4-5 years.

What’re looking for:

You are a true leader for our super talented engineering team:

  • Support team growth, invest in process for personal development & champions future growth systems to make sure the engineering team gets best enablement there is
  • Manage process and structure
  • Runs an exceptional hiring process to capture fantastic and diverse talent. Significantly invests in improving employer brand to attract expert candidates
  • Make sure the engineering team is aligned with the company goals

You are a talented craftsperson:

  • Are able to understand and modify build tools, deployment and underlying infrastructure and related processes. Experience in scaling
  • Work across the organization to build a culture for iterative, autonomous development and future scaling
  • Consistently push boundaries when it comes to tech prioritization (tech debt vs innovation!)
  • You are trusted with complex and business critical coding /architectural decisions
  • You have designed the most advanced/safe architecture known in the SaaS world!
  • Make the engineering team resilient. When one link is missing, the team is able to cover for it.
  • You are able to plan what the codebase/infrastructure of our services should look like in 6 months – 1 year – 2 years

You are an example:

  • Ask a lot and expect the impossible. Drive others to create best work. See opportunity in everything
  • Communicate effectively on behalf of the business internal and externally while actively works to ensure alignment in engineering teams
  • Lead others in looking for ways to better serve business or customer needs, even outside their own discipline. Willing to lead mundane but important tasks and help whole teams to move on their goals through simplifying and breaking down problem
  • High user empathy – constantly advocates for best experience for our customers and makes sure everyone in the engineering team stays close to customer needs
  • And last but not least you get things shipped and things done. You drive business outcomes from expertise in engineering management as well as through strong relationships , sideways management and cross functional influence.

Additional Skills:

  • You’ve worked in SaaS and have scaled teams before
  • Feel comfortable working remotely
  • Passion for Chili Piper Values of Help, Innovate, Have Fun
  • Thrive in a fast pace environment with ability to prioritize and multitask on the fly
  • Team facilitator – involving and engaging the team in idea generation
  • Self motivated and self-directed; Fast learner
  • Strong English communication skills
  • Ability to work in a dynamic environment in which the requirements are not always well defined and priorities change frequently

How We Work:

  • Freedom and flexibility. We’re a 100% distributed team working from around the world. Our team members can work from wherever they want in the world, as long as they show up on our weekly all hands meeting on Zoom.
  • Solve interesting problems. The software landscape has exploded. There are dozens of solutions for each problem. We want to be different. We come up with new angles on existing problems or invent better solutions to help companies with their sales and marketing. Then we turn these ideas into beautiful, smart software.
  • Autonomy and ownership. Working on a distributed team means you don’t have someone micromanaging you or looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re getting things done. We’re a team of do-ers who take full ownership for their results.
  • Be helpful. Our first value as a company is help. Help our customers be successful. Help our prospects get the right information and make the right decision whether or not it includes our products. Help our team members reach their full potential.

The Perks:

  • Unlimited Vacation
  • 50% Women in Leadership
  • Generous Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • WeWork membership so you can work from anywhere
  • Any equipment/software/tech that you need to do your job


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