Internship for Web UI Developer


Do you know why a front-end developer left the restaurant? Because he couldn’t stand the table layout. And neither can we at Vega IT.

What should you know before applying?

The internship is an essential part of a developer's career. It is an excellent opportunity to enter the IT world, a very dynamic place where learning never stops. During the internship, interns are allowed to engage and participate in industry-like projects, acquiring experience they usually don’t have a chance to gain at college.

Companies that offer such internship programs have standards and expectations from the participants. And Vega IT is one of them.

Your primary focus during your internship should be to learn how to write semantic HTML, clean CSS, and use Vanilla JS.

JS frameworks (React, Angular, Vue) will not be covered during the internship.

Here is the list of the things Vega IT expects from every person who applies for the internship for Web UI Developer:

  • Strong knowledge of HTML5 (how to use elements to enrich the semantic content of documents);
  • Strong knowledge of CSS3 (preprocessor SCSS);
  • Good knowledge of Vanilla JS (jQuery is fine as well);
  • Good understanding of responsive/adaptive page optimization;
  • Basic knowledge of cross-browser optimization – the basics about the cross-browser optimizations/support;
  • Experience with Figma;
  • Git-source control;
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English;
  • Open-mindedness and good people skills are something that we value. Therefore, candidates with these characteristics have better chances to work with us.