DevOps Engineer


This position is suitable for a candidate with several years of experience working on products in the production phase. The ideal candidate is someone who has already led a DevOps team in the past and who has experience in passing on the knowledge and setting up work processes of the highest quality.


  • Analyzing, tracking, and maintaining all of the AWS services
  • Setting up CI/CD processes within various team environments
  • Contributing to the decision-making process, planning the architecture, and solving problems together with the rest of the team


  • Experience working with AWS and AWS Fargate
  • Experience in writing Terraform code
  • Experience working with different databases (Postgresql, Mongo, Redis)
  • Experience in setting up CI/CD processes
  • Experience working with Docker
  • Desire for constant learning and exploring new solutions
  • Exceptional teamwork and communication skills

Nice to have:

  • Experience working with Kafka
  • Programming experience
  • Understanding blockchain technology, especially Ethereum
  • Passion in line with our company vision – a hacker mindset that is against centralization and giving power to big companies


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