Junior ML Engineer


Do you want to work in a young and dynamic international team united around data and customer centricity? Are you passionate to bring ML-models operations to a new level? Are you ready to shape the future of the financial industry within Central and Eastern Europe? Then you are the right person for our team!

Junior ML Engineer

Having a strong customer recognition and being a digital leader on the market, Raiffeisenbank Serbia is seeking to enhance a freshly established Advanced Analytics Team and to drive analytical transformation on international level for entire Raiffeisen Group.

We are looking for ambitious candidates who will support us in our productive environment to:

  • Drive the scaling of new banking solutions with the help of data science
  • Be the mastermind in practical application of machine learning solutions using state-of-the-art technology
  • Contribute to RBI Group transformation into a data-driven company & most recommended financial institute

You will be part of our adaptive set-up where data engineers, data scientists, ML engineers as well as business experts internationally work together on different use cases.

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What your job will look like:

  • Participate in the design and implementation of end-to-end machine learning lifecycle in automated fashion
  • Work with the state-of-the-art infrastructure (AWS, Databricks, GitHub)
  • Build, execute and maintain ML pipelines in production
  • Contribute to implementation and development of MLOps practices in the Bank

What you bring to the table:

  • Proficiency in Python (clean, readable, modular code) and PySpark as your best friends
  • DS stack (pandas, numpy, sklearn)
  • Experience with version control system such as git(github workflow)
  • Basic shell scripting
  • Conceptual knowledge about CI/CD and Test-driven development
  • Fluent English, spoken and written
  • Fire in the eyes, desire to learn and to find improvements to status quo

Will be a plus:

  • BSc in Computer Science, Informatics, Software Engineering or related majors
  • Solid understanding of ML principles and frameworks
  • Cloud skills (any of GCP, Azure, AWS)

What we offer:

  • Be part of international team at a leading banking group
  • Flexible working arrangements and determining your own work-life balance
  • Tailored professional development
  • Competitive salary

Interested in continuous self-development and working with cutting edge technologies? Apply to join our analytics journey.