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Senior Java/Scala Developer

Project Overview: Highly Automated Driving team encompasses making High Definition maps for next-generation automotive technologies. As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to dive deep into how we capture the real world, how this is reflected in our reality index, and work with the team on how this data goes straight into cars. We work with Agile practices and co-operate with numerous different teams inside and outside of the company. Our team delivers digital maps to automotive customers where the data is going straight into cars to power autonomous driving uses cases. Responsibilities: Develop software that is well-crafted & steadily adds business value, as part of a community of professionals; Engage with internal and external customers for requirements, change requests and incidents to help define application specifications; Own one or more components of software architecture in immediate environment; Be part of an agile team, share knowledge, do code reviews..

Software Engineer – Internship

Software Engineer - Internship ABOUT CTD is Silicon Valley VC-backed start-up company created in February 2019 with the mission of revolutionizing the way professional relationships are managed. We automatically organize all of your contacts & opportunities by relationship strength so making new connections is easier. Distributed “remote-first” company currently with offices in San Francisco and Belgrade. We are focused on product-market fit with fast development cycles and constant user feedback. See more at ctd.ai and https://www.linkedin.com/company/connect-the-dots-ai/mycompany/ OVERVIEW You will work as a backend developer, building new features in our application, alongside experienced colleagues, who will help you develop and improve your skills. You will also join the on-call rotation once a month. At that time you will be responsible for availability, latency, performance, change management, monitoring, major incident management, and refining software enabling these ke..

Senior QA Automation Engineer

Project Overview: An international investment company that manages the investment capital which makes the real estate acquisition lease (REAL) program be real for everyone. In support of the REAL Program, theirs U.S. real estate investment trust (REIT) is in the process of aggregating up to US$5 Billion of properties and acquisition leases. The US based client delivers a robust capability to design, develop and deploy innovative and responsible non-bank products that link the needs of consumers with investor capital. Led by a team of seasoned professionals with hands on industry experience and tactical expertise, our client focuses on precision execution through disciplined business practices, providing an exceptional customer-facing experience and a comprehensive platform to mobilize investor capital. The company has a product which is a client facing applications that is being used for applying and processing of mortgage loan requests. There are about 100 features that they plan to..

Senior C++ Generalist Developer

Project Overview: Routing engine is one of the key components of the Automotive Navigation SDK. It provides a family of routing algorithms employing heuristics fitting each scenario best: resource constrained embedded vs cloud that could benefit from more resources as well as more information such as real time traffic or precomputed routes, car routing vs truck routing or pedestrian or public transit. To assure smooth user experience and adapt in real time, the routing engine works closely with the user guidance graphical and voice interfaces, and online traffic information service. The SDK is in use by world leading automotive brands for many years, so the scope of work is both maintenance as per real world scenarios as well as development for the future of automotive industry: electric cars, autonomous driving, etc. Technically, the Routing engine is a C++14 cross platform library (primarily targeting Linux, Android and QNX) excessively covered with automated tests at multiple le..

Senior Quality Assurance Specialist

NGL, a Pollard Banknote Company, is looking for passionate, self-motivated and experienced candidates to join our agile teams in delivering reliable systems according to our customers’ needs. A QA Specialist at NGL is responsible for software testing activities within their team. QA Specialists at NGL works in cross-functional teams to deliver reliable systems according to our customers’ needs. QA Specialists perform continuous testing throughout the development process in order to support the quality of the software being built. The teams practice Agile Software Development where shared responsibility, cooperation, and team spirit are valued. Your Tasks Working in a cross-functional scrum team. Performing functional and non-functional tests. Implementing and maintaining automated tests. Tracking bugs and communicating with developers and clients. Writing, maintaining and following test plans. Reporting on testing progress. Quality assurance activities including reviewing docum..

Fintech .NET Core Developer

We are a US startup company headquartered in New York City (www.ideacompiler.com). We have a Serbian development operation with staff in several cities including Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Kragujevac and we are expanding to new locations. We deliver innovative application and data solutions to consumers and enterprises. Our projects typically include social, financial, gaming and shopping elements. We are looking for highly talented, motivated and responsible engineers. We value people who are able to understand business needs and solve difficult problems as well as people who are willing to learn new things and take responsibility for delivering great results. We provide an exciting environment with others who share a passion for excellence. Come meet us and see for yourself if you want to join a growing international business. Position: Fintech .NET Core Developer Work on a cutting edge fintech startup portfolio and financial model management system used by thousands of financial ..

Senior Software Developer

NGL, a Pollard Banknote Company, is looking for passionate, self-motivated and experienced candidates to join our agile teams in delivering reliable systems according to our customers’ needs. A Software Developer at NGL is responsible for software development activities within their team. Software Developers at NGL works in cross-functional teams to deliver reliable systems according to our customers’ needs. The teams practice Agile Software Development where shared responsibility, cooperation, and team spirit are valued. Your Tasks You care about your craft and can clearly convey you passion by your actions, rather than just waffly statements in your CV. You are a strong advocate of good software practices, testing included. You are experienced in software design and can engage in eloquent dialogue on a range of topics due to your past experience. You have initiative, can lead others by example. You are willing to share your knowledge and ideas with your peers. Your English ski..

Lead React Native Developer

Project Overview: This is mobile app development project for GM. It will be a companion app for the car owners. Responsibilities: Design and develop mobile applications; Lead team of developers; Review source code; Communicate with a client about requirements; Collaborate with team members. Requirements: BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject; 6+ years of iOS/Android app development experience using React Native; Leverage native APIs for deep integrations with both platforms; Maintain code to ensure the product is of the highest quality; Experience working with remote data via REST and JSON; Solid understanding of iOS/Android development platform such as Push Notification, Apple/Android SDKs, and Frameworks; Experience with integrating third-party libraries and APIs; Have published consumer-grade applications iOS/Android apps in App Store; Familiarity with native build tools, like XCode, Gradle, Android Studio; Ability to write well-documen..

Junior QA Engineer

enjoy.ing is a Swiss based engineering company, with headquarters in Zurich, gathering internationally experienced teams of engineers in Belgrade, Niš and Kragujevac. We enjoy software engineering! Do you? If you are looking for creative and challenging international projects, excellent working conditions, training and development opportunities, pure professionalism with a handful of positive spirit and… You are a team player with open and friendly personality and would like to work as: Junior QA Engineer You will: Be part of an agile product engineering squad in a distributed setup with local and remote team members Perform functional, system integration and regression testing Report defects found in testing diligently, promptly, and accurately, using standard defect tracking tools Track defects from discovery to successful correction, validation and verification Participate in all test design activities Work in close collaboration with Developers, Tech Lead and PO or PL Y..