JavaScript Engineer


Who can apply:

Candidates specialized in front-end technologies who are highly motivated to write code that is easy to understand and maintain while being performant and optimized.

Your responsibilities:

  • Ensuring the feasibility of UI/UX designs
  • Analyzing software requirements
  • Creating web applications using the given design specifications
  • Writing maintainable and testable code optimized for various browsers
  • Collaboration with other front-end and back-end web developers and other team members

Required skills:

  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Experience with JavaScript libraries (e.g., React, Angular, or Vue.js)
  • Experience with JavaScript testing libraries (e.g., Jest, Jasmine, Mocha, etc.)
  • Experience in using front-end tools (e.g., WebPack, Grunt, Gulp, etc.)
  • Good understanding of web markup and styling, such as HTML5 and CSS
  • Proficiency in browser rendering behavior and performance is a plus
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related fields is a plus, but not required

Benefits of working in our team:

  • Working on a large number of different projects that will provide you with an opportunity to work with various startups
  • Expanding knowledge and growing together with the team
  • Getting to know different teams from different countries and meeting different organizational cultures which will provide you with a chance for personal and professional development
  • Involvement in a challenging and dynamic working environment
  • The entire team's support in helping you blend into the company's culture, fit in, and bond with others
  • The entire team's support in helping you sharpen your skills

Our vision and mission are:

"Our dream is to make a happy and a successful business that would allow us to use its success and power to shape a better world."

If you believe in what we believe in and you feel eager to learn, work and further develop yourself, apply for this job by sending us your CV in English and join the Vega IT team.