Senior QA Analyst @SMG


As Switzerland’s leading digital hub, we provide our media and platforms with ideal framework conditions, support them through investments in technology, and create space for them to develop individually. We stand for interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation and dynamic development.

We are on the move – and want to keep moving. We are farsighted. We are proactive. We are courageous. We are TX. TX Services is a part of TX Group.

At the Insurance team, you'll be "insured" to have true team players. We help each other grow and learn and collaborate together to achieve our mission: Help every Swiss household get the best possible insurance for their home or vehicle.

Why do we need a new team member?

Have you tried to find great and cheap insurance for your car, apartment or house? Did you ever take a mortgage or a personal loan that best fitted your needs? Do you struggle with insurance and finance topics? Hundreds of thousands of people in Switzerland encounter similar situations every day.

We want to be the platform in Switzerland that best helps people with all their insurance and finance topics. We want to have a positive impact in the life of our customers, guiding them to select the best possible insurance, mortgage or personal loan, saving them money and time.

To achieve this great ambition, we need to constantly improve our web applications, making them easier to use, easier to understand, faster and more secure. This is where we need a QA Analyst like you that cares about the quality and user experience of the applications your team builds.

What is TX Services? What is SMG? How are we connected?

The Swiss Market Place Group (SMG), is the leading digital hub for marketplaces in Switzerland. Their finance and insurance teams have developed a great range of web applications and micro services that enable customers to compare and directly contract vehicle and house insurances, mortgages and personal credits.

How do we work as a team?

We have a team first mindset. We support and help each other to achieve our common goals

We empower, trust and support the teams to develop high quality applications/services and run them in production

We care about your learning and growth. We host bi-weekly guilds, monthly workshops and have a personal training and conference budget available to everybody

We think engineers are the best source of ideas. We actively involve them throughout our product and technology decisions

We care about quality. We practice & teach TDD, Pair programming, refactoring …

We are not perfect and we make mistakes but we learn from them and come back stronger

Remote is our default setup but we invest time to know each other, meet regularly in person and have a good time together

Why is this important for you?

As a senior QA Analyst, you will be the main ambassador for quality and shift left testing mindset. You will work with the team on prevention of defects/bugs rather than their detection, ensuring that we always ship a product with very high quality.

We will list a couple of essentials here. If you can put them immediately in your Resume you fulfil our mandatory requirements:

  • 5+ years of overall testing experience in an agile team following SCRUM/Kanban/XP
  • You enjoy pairing/mobbing/collaborating with software engineers to improve quality
  • You love learning and developing yourself
  • You know different techniques to perform scenario analysis and improve the acceptance criteria

Nice to have:

  • Experience with at least one e2e testing framework such as Playwright, Cypress or Puppeteer
  • Experience with Shift left quality practices/mindset that focus on prevention rather than detection
  • Experience with Specification by example, example mapping or similar techniques

Our offer:

  • Being a part of TX Services in Belgrade, a rapidly growing subsidiary to Switzerland’s largest private media group, headquartered in Zurich
  • Competitive salary and a variety of fringe benefits
  • Great equipment
  • International team and working environment of talented and fun people
  • Personal development and training, as well as regular international travels
  • Opportunity to grow both professionally and personally in a stimulating environment
  • Excellent work-life balance


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