IT Internship


Kick off – August or November

Duration – 2 months

Work schedule – Full time

Compensation – Yep 🙂

What is Codetribe Lab?

Codetribe Lab is Codetribe's 1st official internship program created for IT students that are ready to enter this wonderful techie world of ours.

What to expect:

  • You will have the chance to participate in performing a simulation of developing what is supposed to be a real project- You will learn all about our development processes, procedures, and generally the way we get stuff done
  • You will be working with some of the trendy techs we work with such as ReactJS, NodeJS, or Java (Spring boot)
  • You will help implement new features, improve performance, and build beautiful user interfaces
  • You will have at least one mentor that will be dedicated to you
  • You will be working in an agile team of interns
  • You will have a PM that will help you and your team stay organized and reach your internship goals
  • At the end of the internship, you will have a demo of the work you have done alongside your teammates
  • The best performing interns will be invited to #JoinTheTribe as our Newcomers. Meaning, ultimately we want to hire you.

Who you are:

  • You are finishing your Bachelor's or Master's studies in Computer Science/Information Technology or a related field of study;
  • You are able to dedicate 8 hours each working day, 5 days a week for 2 months;
  • You have an understanding of modern software development;
  • You know how to write readable, maintainable, performant object-oriented code;
  • You have dabbled in software development tools;
  • You have built at least one app or have a project in the works that you can tell us about;
  • You have no issue communicating in English verbally and in writing.

What your mindset is like:

  • You want to progress quickly and work on yourself in every sense possible;
  • Challenges are the biggest motivators and there are no unsolvable problems for you;
  • You enjoy sharing your ideas and knowledge with others;
  • You really love tech and everything related to it;
  • You appreciate honesty and creativity;
  • You always keep an open mind and new experiences are a must for you;
  • You love dogs (and other animals) 🙂


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