.NET Toolchain Developer – Open Source Team


We are looking for a .NET toolchain developer to join the Open Source Program Office to contribute to a variety of projects. If you want to make contributions to the FOSS community that can have an impact on developers world-wide, share your knowledge, and learn from others in a fast paced environment, let’s talk!

The ideal candidate should be passionate, creative, flexible, have a strong work ethic, and enjoy tackling complex technical problems. The team is fully remote and globally distributed, with a central office in London. Occasional travel is optional, but not required.

This is not specific client application tuning, this is improving of tools like msbuild and nuget, with more than a billion downloads, used by developers around the world, influencing their day-to-day work. This is a job where even a small change can make a massive impact globally.


  • Analyzing .NET tools for performance bottlenecks and devising solutions
  • Building or extending tools that enhance developer productivity in multiple .NET languages
  • Ensuring complete test coverage for new features
  • Active engagement with the community to get new code moved from pull requests to production


  • You have great oral and written communication skills and are comfortable with collaboration in a virtual setting.
  • You demonstrate an enthusiastic interest to learn new technologies.
  • Knowledge of the workings of .NET compilers
  • Demonstrated understanding of .NET build systems, particularly msbuild and nuget
  • Ability to analyze, profile, and optimize complex applications
  • Primary programming languages: C/C++/C#/F#
  • Functional programming experience, in particular a minimum of 1 year experience with F#
  • Understanding of the mechanics of an open source community


Since this work is for our open source program, all of our contributions are by definition public and open source. You get to contribute to a meaningful technology that many other companies use all while improving your own public profile.

Our open source team is a fully remote and distributed team. This allows our team the freedom to get their work done where-ever they need to be. This was true and will still be true after normal travel resumes in the world.


  • A flat team structure and a highly collaborative culture that values progress over perfection and encourages creativity, innovation and diversity
  • A highly motivated global team of colleagues
  • A flexible working style
  • Competitive compensation


Bakson Ltd is a software development company based in Belgrade. We are working with teams around the world and take pride on variety of projects we handle and technology we use.


Our workflow is inspired by Agile and Lean principles. We’re not devoted to Scrum or any other framework, but are trying to work in small batches, with fast feedback and very close interaction with product owners.

The emphasis in our team is on collaboration and mutual support – sharing project workflow with globally distributed teams, contributing code to core global services and applications, and encouraging cultural exchange between development groups. Bakson encourages working from home, and the distributed nature of our teams requires us to have flexibility around working hours. We’re familiar with asynchronous and remote work. A Software Engineer in our company is a core writer of code, but also an inspirer and an exemplar to other developers…

Basically, what we care about is that you are a self-starter, happy to work with others, and prepared to adapt and do your best.


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