Job description – Computer Vision Engineer

We are currently looking for a Computer Vision Engineer to grow our core team and work on furthering the development of our computer vision software.

thtRobotics who?

The Human Touch Robotics (thtRobotics) is an innovative, fast growing start-up that enables food tech companies and online groceries to automate and scale through the use of cutting-edge robotic solutions.

We currently provide a turnkey robotic solution (robotic cell) that enables automation of food packing processes tailored to emerging food tech companies. The sky is the limit in the future.

Our core innovation is an adaptive robotic gripper that enables robots to adaptively grip and manipulate a wide variety of objects (especially soft objects such as fruit and vegetables).

With our tech robots can grip even the softest items such as raspberries, please have a look at our demo: This enables us to apply robots in the most challenging applications and areas, never thought possible.

Our vision is to employ robots and free humanity. We believe that when robots work smarter, people live better. If this sounds like an exciting journey and appealing vision, we want you onboard!

Why we need you / Position Requirements

As our Computer Vision Engineer and an early member of thtRobotics team, you will own a significant portion of our Computer Vision (CV) system development roadmap and you will directly influence the DNA of thtRobotics for years to come. You will be responsible for:

  • developing our Computer Vision product road map,
  • build full stack Computer Vision software pipeline from beginning to end production,
  • research and explore the most optimal Machine Learning and Computer Vision algorithms for our applications,
  • decide about the Computer Vision framework and most optimal direction to follow,
  • collect and prepare data sets,
  • develop ML / CV models,
  • object detection, recognition, segmentation, and tracking,
  • implement the models into production end environment,
  • testing and verification of the overall CV system functionality in end applications,
  • collaborate with other robotics engineers and have general knowledge or understanding about how collaborative robots operate,
  • work with advanced AI embedded systems and AI computers,
  • be yourself and teach us how things are done and what is the right development direction,
  • be conformable working in cross discipline areas of CV and robotics,
  • further grow our team and eventually lead our CV division.

Your ideal background (not necessary to have all)

You do need to have a solid background in Machine Learning with application to Computer Vision (in robotics projects) and you need to have the ability to find innovative ways of problem solving. Following are requirements/advantages:

  • Minimum 1-3 years of relevant sector/company/project experience (Computer Vision, Machine Learning),
  • BS, MS or Ph.D. in computer science, robotics, electrical engineering, mathematics/statistics, other industry-relevant technical background,
  • Strong programming skills with experience in at least one of the following languages: Python, C++,
  • Familiar with some of the common Computer Vision and Machine Learning frameworks and libraries (e.g. OpenCV, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, Scikit-learn…),
  • Understanding of Machine Learning concepts from both theoretical and practical perspective,
  • Follow the latest developments and trends in ML/CV field and knows how to implement and put these into production,
  • Creativity in problem solving, not thinking out-of-the-box but rather eliminate a box, and capable of proposing novel solutions,
  • Would be great to have some experience or understanding of application of ML/CV in robotics projects context,
  • Bonus. Experience with Linux architecture, CUDA, OpenCL, GPU, Unity, Unreal Engine,
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (English).

thtRobotics culture

We at thtRobotics believe in creating an environment where each team member can thrive in pursuit of their own goals and passions, and especially at this early stage, each new team member is directly contributing to creating the unique DNA of our company!

With that in mind, a metaphor that resonates most strongly with thtRobotics is perhaps: “our work is like a campfire – You need to take special care of it while it is small, so that it may take care of you when it grows large”. We believe in taking the extra mile, living, and breathing the brand, product and project each day and eventually being able to look back at what has been achieved with pride in yourself and the team. Your opportunities below:

  • have great opportunity to learn, develop and grow both as a professional and person (to be a hero of your own story),
  • as we grow, we will expect you take more responsibility and build your branch of governance within your field,
  • work on exciting new technologies and develop new solutions for most challenging robotic problems,
  • work in an environment with amazing people,
  • pave your own way forward and contribute to the unique DNA of the company,
  • startup environment, highly unstructured bottoms up approach,
  • to be yourself and everything you bring with you because there is no one like you,
  • perks and benefits of working in a dynamic workplace with leisure company activities and out-of-office events.

If you have some further questions regarding the position, feel free to reach out.

NOTE: Depending on the candidate qualifications, the position will be considered as Junior or Internship positions.


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