Team Sava specializes in building outstanding teams of passionate, world-class professionals and top-tier software developers for growing global hi-tech companies.

Our partner is GlobalDots AI, a company which provides enterprises with practical AI solutions. Their mission is to help business leaders demystify complexities of AI, systemize its processes and harness its power to become market leaders.

GlobalDots AI's expertise is in turning business leaders ideas into plans within hours, deploying them in production within weeks, and ensuring measurable positive ROI impact. We specialize in AI for gaming, healthcare, telecom, fintech, and additional industries.

Coming from GlobalDots, with over 1,000 global businesses connected to innovative solutions for over 20 years, ability to connect business to technology is an expertise that few companies can offer, and even fewer can master.

Job Summary

We are looking for a Graphic Designer who can take conceptual ideas and create visual representations, both in print and electronic media.

An ideal candidate will be passionate to succeed in its field and take ownership of all graphical assets under the GlobalDots AI brand. You are an expert in current design software and will collaborate with multiple teams at GlobalDots AI. You have a thorough understanding of branding and marketing, with the ability to vary style and layouts depending on the project.

If you think you have what it takes to bring ideas to life with visual impact, we want to hear from you


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