IT Administrator


Xingyu Autmotive Lighting Systems is a car lights manufacturer with registered seat in the City of Niš. The company is expanding all of it's teams and currently we are searching for a new colleague m/f for the position IT ADMINISTRATOR.


  • Unified configuration, deployment and use of end-user equipment such as company computers, printers, barcode scanner guns, etc.
  • Maintenance and management of end-user software and hardware, including computers, printers, desktop application software, etc.
  • Allocation and management of network, printer, folder access and other permissions, and addition, deletion and review of user permissions.
  • Maintenance, daily installation, commissioning and inspection of the company's network and telephone lines.
  • Prepare and update the usage table of the company's hardware equipment, network equipment and related accessories.
  • Establish and supervise the implementation of the company's network management procedures and systems.
  • Maintenance, repairing and checking of computer-related equipment, environment, and operating status.
  • Performance optimization, configuration, and modification of network equipment such as firewalls, routers, and network switches 4. Maintenance, testing and fault reporting of network equipment.
  • Application, handling and maintenance of the company's domain name, mailbox, broadband and other Internet services.
  • Assist the purchasing department in purchasing computer hardware, consumables and other equipment.


  • University degree or appropriate non-formal education.
  • At least 3 years of experience on same or similar duties.
  • Experience with the work in the corporative environment.


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