Project Overview:

Our end client is a leading telecommunications service provider of integrated communication services (broadband, landline and mobile) in Europe. The client operates third, fourth, and fifth generation mobile networks, with 5G coverage available to over quarter of the country’s population. As a leading CSP in its country, the client provides connectivity services to tenths of millions of subscribers and plays a vital part in shaping digitalization.

As a subcontractor, Intellias will support BSS (business support systems) and IT systems transformation with the goal to deliver faster product launches and provide an enhance customer experience. The scope of the transformation project may include CRM, Point of sale, self-service, among other telecom and enterprise IT platforms.

This multi-year project (5 year contract) offers a stable career opportunity and an exposure to the cutting-edge 5G and AI/ML use cases and telecom services.


  • Development of microservices for huge cloud transformation project (refactoring of enterprise architecture to new cloud native one);
  • Being member of microservices development tribe (Spotify Agile environment);
  • Microservices Challenges;
  • Monolithic vs Microservices decisions;
  • support and consultancy of Architect and BA teams.


  • 5-6+ years of experience;
  • telco projects experience is advantage;
  • understanding Microservices architecture principles and patterns;
  • Ability to design Rest endpoints correctly;
  • Spring Boot technology experience of developing microservice;
  • Spring Cloud;
  • Spring Security;
  • OPEN API guidelines implementation knowledge;
  • Understanding of various Spring Data capabilities;
  • Understanding of general design patterns (Filter, Factory, Singleton, DI etc);
  • Expert with Java8 +;
  • SQL and NoSQL experience;
  • Caching;
  • Understanding of Coding best practices like DTO segregation from Aggregate, How to achieve modularity;
  • Standard Algorithms for searching and sorting;
  • Analytical Ability, standard puzzle for divide and conquer is one example which can be used to verify;
  • Ability to understand the scenario and ask question if in doubt (a completely illogical requirement which does not make sense can be given to verify if the other person is trying to ask questions to understand it or not.).


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