QA Engineer / Tester


Testers create tests to find any problems with the software before the product is launched. They also identify and analyze any bugs found during testing and document them. Tester must know which type of testing is needed and applicable within which phase of the product life cycle and must be able to plan and prepare everything needed for the testing activities.

Work breakdown of a Tester:

  • Document test cases
  • Compile and maintain collections of Test cases
  • Document optimal test scenarios based on planned features and functionalities deliveries
  • Document optimal test scenarios for different types of test runs (sanity, smoke, regression, feature validation)
  • Validate PBIs delivered for test
  • Report bugs and issues
  • Prepare test cases and test scenarios based on Sprint planning
  • Perform test runs on new releases
  • Report on release test run results

QA Engineer is familiar with test automation mechanisms, concepts and tools and uses those in everyday work. They will consume tester's work to automate documented steps. QA Engineer should have mindset of a tester and skillset of a developer.

Work breakdown of a QA Engineer:

  • Able and willing to perform the work of a Tester
  • Write and maintain automated tests
  • Understand and write different types of automated tests (api testing, UI testing)
  • Configure, deploy, schedule, run automated test scenarios and collect results
  • Maintain automated test suites


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